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One Hook. One Line. One Boat. Sustainability.


Our Canadian company has been in the bluefin tuna business since 1999 buying from local tuna fisherman who have been fishing out of North Lake PEI for decades passing their knowledge onto their sons who through generations, have been catching tuna from the official tuna capital of the world.

One Tuna has the first CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) certified bluefin tuna cut house in Canada. We know bluefin tuna and our only focus is sustainably caught tuna. We know exactly where it was caught, who the captain was and what boat landed the fish. One hook, one line, one boat and one tuna. Look for our One Tuna Canadian symbol.


To contact One Tuna Solutions or to purchase from us, please contact Jason Tompkins at 902-215-8862 or email jason@onetuna.com. You can also use our contact form to send us a message here. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Jason Tompkins is the owner of One Tuna Inc., Canada’s only federally certified bluefin tuna processing facility, which opened in 2019.

The tuna processing facility is a short distance from North Lake, which is known as the bluefin tuna capital of the world. Reeling in the giant fish has been part of the community fabric for decades.

Jason describes himself as a results-oriented, decisive leader with proven success in establishing a lasting presence in new markets, identifying growth opportunities and initiating strong business alliances. “We just finished construction of the CFIA-approved tuna processing facility and I’m working to developing markets in China,” says Jason.

“It’s a huge accomplishment, as we were limited to the markets we could access before we were CFIA approved. The company hires about six seasonal workers and will be hiring more factory jobs as we expand into new markets.”

Jason is originally from New Brunswick. His mother is from Grand Manan, NB where he spent time jigging mackerel from the wharf. “Although I grew up around a wharf, I never planned a career in the fish business. I attended Saint Mary’s University with aspirations of becoming a commercial banker.

“After working for an American tuna buyer for 10 years, I decided it was time to start my own business. I moved my family to PEI and settled in Kingsboro in 2013 and started TNT Tuna, a bluefin tuna purchasing company. As with any startup, things were slow at first and it took time to build up my supply base and customer base.

“We managed to buy and sell 73 tuna in our first year in 2013.  So far in 2019, as a result of global marketing and opening the tuna processing facility, we have bought over 450 tuna.

“Right now, we are shipping into Japan, Korea, United States and across Canada,” says Jason. “We are working to develop new markets in Korea and China.

“We’ve taken the jump from being a small business to serving a world marketplace. TNT Tuna is now one of the most active buyers of Bluefin tuna in Atlantic Canada. The company purchases directly from fishermen across the Atlantic provinces during the fishing season, and sends the tuna to active markets around the globe.

“If you are fishing tuna and are looking for a company to purchase your bluefin at a fair price, please contact us.”

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